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Family Achieve Therapy & Education Services

About Us

About Us

The acronym for Family Achieve Therapy and Education Services, Inc. is FATES which according to Greek mythology are three Goddesses who shape the destiny of people.  We feel this is appropriate because Family Achieve Therapy and Education Services, Inc. is a woman founded organization based on the ideals of positively cultivating human lives.  The FATES in ancient Greek translates to Moirai, which means share and is compared to the English word merit, from the Latin word meritum, meaning a reward.  We at FATES hope to share our knowledge and abilities for the merit of shaping productive and healthy individual lives.  We build programs and offer services for the mental wellness of our community which we believe is essential for healthy lives and global citizens.  

Advocating Mental Wellness Coast To Coast



Neurosage Therapy

Neurosage Therapy is located in Irvine, CA.  It is a boutique group practice, providing mental health services.  Therapists with Neurosage Therapy provide both online and in person services based on client needs. They offer sliding scale services and accept insurance. Learn more...

Counseling Florida Online

Counseling Florida Online provides mental health services to residents of Florida through telehealth.  Licensed mental professionals provide live therapy sessions via a confidential telehealth platform.  Learn more...

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Counseling California Online

Counseling California Online is a source for therapy via telehealth for residents of California.  Anyone across the state of California can access counseling services here. Insurances accepted.  Learn more..

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Calm with Character

Calm with Character provides social emotional learning programs and professional development to educators.  Specialized in short-term, trauma-informed, first aid interventions, and educator wellness. Calm with Character is evidence-based and offering services to California schools.  Coming soon to Florida. Learn more...

OC Mind Body Coaching Counseling

OC Mind Body Coaching Counseling is located in Newport Beach, CA.  It is conveniently situated across from Google, minutes from UCI and John Wayne Airport.  Students, young adults, and families can access psychotherapy services related to multicultural issues, transitions, and struggles with societal expectations. Specialized in education related issues.  Learn more...


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Family Achieve Therapy & Education Services, Inc.

4199 Campus Dr. Suite 550, Irvine, CA 92612



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